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Production programme

1. Production of concrete plants from design to realization

We produce the concrete plants according to the customer requirement from the treatment of the project documentation and processing quotation to the compelete delivery and assembly incl. operating staff .

Concrete Plant Types

  • mobile concrete plants
  • tower concrete plants
  • horizontal concrete plants
  • atypical concrete plants
  • special mixing rooms

Concrete Plants Technology

All our devices are equiped with up to-date electronical systems weighing of all components. The particular parts are are produced and assembled with regard to optimal output, working life of the whole machine and to minimal maintainance requirements. The Skip monorails for the transport of gravel aggregate can be equiped by drive frequency converter providing movement smoothness and security.

Concrete Plants Realization

The process of the machine production starts in the design office. The project documentation goes through the production preparation office to the production itself. The centralization of the production basis onto one place gives possibility to consult and solve immediatelly the problem situations.  

Standard Process of Realization

  • Assembled machine is equiped with functional components, wiring system and than the particular units are tested. 
  • After the total test, functional check-up and last adjustment the machine is disassembled in several parts that can be transported by the means of transport.
  • At the same time we dispatch all necessary components from our stock that are necessary for the work of the amchine on the building site.
  • The assemblers leave for customer´s  building site in arranged date to assemble, to put into operation or to jacket the machine.

Mixer Types

We always offer to the clients some of mixer types (two-shaft mixer, disk-type mixer, planetary mixer) from different producers. 

1. Two-shaft Mixer

The efficient mixer for the production of the transport concrete for building-up of roads, bridges, dams and airport surfaces. The type range with the output from 1.0 to 9.0 m3 of the central mix concrete for batch. The robust construction of the mixer with the perfect placing of the hex shafts that is secured with the working for one clamping by means of machining centres CNC. The two-shaft mixing system consist in two parallel shafts with wings and vanes moving against each other. The wings with vanes form a three-dimentional mixing effect. The mixing is done in the middle of the mixer. It has favourable influence to the wearproof parts of the mixer. The mixing vanes are casted from alloy cast iron with the flameproof finish. The panelling of the mixer cylinder is by the replaceable wearproof parts from alloy cast iron.  The drive of the shafts is by means of the texropes from the engine to the efficient gearboxes. The gearboxes enough laid out ensure the necessary output for the mixing of the mixtures with low consistence.

2. Disk-type Mixer

The mixer is designed for the production of the transport concrete and the concrete for the prefabricated units. The time-proved mixer conception with the vertical axis of the rotation of mixing elements. The wide type range with the output from 0.5 to 3 m3 of the central mix concrete for batch. The mixing vanes are from cast material or it is possible to complete the mixers with the vanes from the wearproof plastic material  HAWIFLEX. The bottom and the faces of the mixer are equiped with the replaceable wearproof parts from different materials suitable for the particular applications. The elastic bearing of the mixing wings in the rotary head make the beats absorption possible and the wings adjusting in case of their wear. Robuste, reliable planetary gearboxes with the sufficient output together with the construction of the mixing wings and vanes make possible to reach the short mixing time and perfect mixing of the mixture.  

3. Planetary Mixer   

The mixer is determined for the production of the concrete for the prefabricated units, vibropressed panels and special concrete. The mixer uses counterflow method of mixing which together with the free inside space of the mixing cylinder make the perfect mixture homogenizing even with the difficult mixable materials. The wide type range with the output from 0.33 to 2 m3 of the central mix concrete for batch.  

Mixing wings on the rotary spiders are supplied from rubber as standard. The wearproof parts of the bottom and faces are delivered from sheet metals but the wearproof parts can be supplied from more wearproof materials. The strong and reliable planetary gearboxes provide long operating time of the mixer. The hydraulic clutch for the transmission of torsion moment between the engine and gearbox is used for the mixer with the output from 0.5 m3. It protects against overcharge. The advantage of the counterflow mixing system is the transmission of the alle energy into the mixing mixture.

2.  Production of the device for water heating and room heating

In therms of the realization of the water economy we solve the water provision from different resources than from the water piping – wells, natural and man-made water basins, water courses, storage reservoirs. In those cases the concrete plants are equiped with the automatic pressure station (station AT) with necessary number of the pumps (possibility of the cascade connection) and the pressure tank. The suitable supplementation of the station AT is the storage tank that can be used for the heating of the batch water (metal, plastic). Here it is possible to store the certain water reserve for technological reasons. The water refilling and pumping in the storage tank is controlled by the level sensors and they signal the pump failure, state of water in the tank and the emergency.    

Heat Economy

To ensure the prodution of the concrete mixture in winter too, it is possible to use our offer and to complet te concrete plants with:

  • heating of the batch water
  • warming-through of the gravel aggregate with the hot air
  • tempering of the concrete plant space

Heating of Batch Water

Every case is solved individually according to the local conditions and requirements. It is possible to fit this device into the mobile containers incl. C ontainer tanks by customer´s request. The batch water can be prepared in two ways:

  • storage method – the water is heated without the production time in the heat insulated tank without pressure with the possible small volume. During the production time, the water is heated onto the necessary temperature only. This way is recommended if the concrete plant is supplied with water from the alternating resource – it is not connected to the water piping. The batch water is transported to the water scales of the station AT that is connected with the storage tank through suction main.  
  • Flow method – necessary quantity of batch water is prepared according to the instant need of the production; this method is size-intensive of the installed load

Gravel Aggregate Warming with Hot Air

The device suitable for tempering of gravel aggregate on the outside stockpile or in the gravel aggregate silo (in-line or tower silo) consist of foloowing parts:

  • hot-air generators
  • high pressure fan with distribution main and distribution nozzles
  • automatic operating control with distance control and failure signalling through GSM
  • hot air temperature: 100°C

Tempering of the Concrete Plant Room

The heat source for the heating is the hot air unit or radiating aggregates.

Placing of the Water and Heat Economy

The water and heat economy can be placed in the concrete plant or in the moving container that is situated near the concrete mixing plant. The container is equiped with electrical heating convectors that temper the container to the inside temeperature of +10°C. So this space can not freeze over. 

Fuel Basis

The designed heat installation can be operated with connection to the distribution of the natur and liquid gas. It is possible to bild electric boiler house.

3. Production of steelwork

Our company produces steelworks according to our own or client´s project documentation.  

4. Production of store tanks for concrete and fly ash-silos

Our company produces store tanks according to our own or client´s project documentation.  

5. Production of industrial scales

Our company produces industrial scales.

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